Friday, 9 December, 2016

Think about a life,
Which doesn't have a life,
And always looking for life badly,

And if luckily, incidentally, fortunately, willingly,
Happen to see somewhere a life,
And tries everyhow to get that life,

Forcibly, unfortunately, accidentally, deliberately,
The life doesn't allow to go to that life,
And life remains empty of life,

Then the life sitting in dark,
Emotionally, innocently, silently, hurtly,
Thinking about questioning the life,
That where is life in this life,

And the life answers instantly,
Go get your life,
And take along your life,
And make a life full of life,

But there come situations,
Suddenly, accidentally, quietly, stubbornly,
And burn the bridge going to life,

And life remains a life,
Which doesn't have a life.

- VishVaas

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